boucherie block font free download

boucherie block font free download

Boucherie Block Font Free Download

The Boucherie Block font is a display typeface inspired by the classic art of sign painting. It is a free download for both personal and commercial use, and can be easily installed to your computer.

Where to Download

This striking typeface can be downloaded directly from the creator’s website, the French Design Agency Boucherie Studio. The download link can be found on their homepage, and is completely free for both personal and commercial use.

How It Works

Once the file is downloaded from Boucherie Studio, all that’s required is extracting the .zip file to your computer, or drag and drop them directly into your designated font folder. It can then be accessed on any software requiring the use of typefaces.


The Boucherie Block font features 5 weights and 3 derivatives. These include:

  • Regular: a classic serif with a stylised feel
  • Bold: designed with heavier strokes and more personality than the regular
  • Outline: a hollow version of the regular with a playful twist
  • Shadow: a stylised drop shadow-effect which emphasizes the block’s contours and lines
  • Inline: a simple screentone line with a greater range of character and expression
  • Hole: features gutters within the contours which are filled with alternate colour options

Overall, this typeface offers a modern take on sign painting, providing a versatile and fun tool with a classic twist.

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