how to make font thicker on cricut

how to make font thicker on cricut

Making Fonts Thicker on Cricut

Cricut machines are very popular among creative makers looking for an easier way to create intricate designs in no time. But if you’re looking to make fonts thicker on Cricut, it may seem like a daunting task. Have no fear – there is a quick and easy way to get thicker fonts on your Cricut projects.

How to Make Fonts Thicker on Cricut

  • Download the Thick Fonts Plugin – For this to work, you must first download the Thick Fonts Plugin for Cricut Design Space. This is a free plugin and can be found on the Design Space website under the “plugins” section. You’ll need to download it and follow the installation instructions.
  • Set the Thick Fonts Plugin to 3mm – Once the plugin is installed, you’ll see a box that says “Thick Fonts” when you go to change the font size of a word or phrase. You’ll want to set it to 3mm for the best results.
  • Admire Your New Thick Font – After you have set the Thick Fonts box to 3mm, your font should now be thicker than before. If it’s not quite as thick as you would like, you can adjust it slightly by setting the Thick Fonts box to any size that you prefer.


Making fonts thicker faster doesn’t have to be difficult with Cricut Design Space. By simply downloading the free Thick Fonts Plugin and setting it to 3mm, you’ll be able to make your fonts thicker than ever before. So good luck, and happy crafting!

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