how to set google docs default font

how to set google docs default font

How to Set Google Docs Default Font

Google Docs offers a wide range of fonts for user to create professional documents. Default font settings allow users to set a preferred font for all newly-created documents so that users don’t have to choose one every time. Having a default font will save time and makes the documents look consistent, which is important for readability.

Where to Download

Google Docs is an online collaboration and storage platform. It comes with a wide range of fonts already installed and users can choose any one of them as the default font. No new downloads are required.

How It Works

Once users have found their preferred default font, they can follow the steps given below to set it:

  • Sign In: Users need to start by signing into their Google accounts before they can open and set the default font on a document.
  • Open the Document: Open the document that needs to be set as the default font.
  • Select the Font: Select the font from the fonts menu. To do this, users have to click on the “fonts” option from the toolbar and then select their preferred font from the list of available fonts.
  • Set as Default: Click on the “Default” button at the bottom of the fonts menu. This will set the font as the default font for all new documents.

Once the settings have been saved, all new documents will use the same settings and won’t require any further input from the user.

Setting a default font is simple and easy, and can make your documents more presentable while saving time and effort.

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