what font do hospitals use

what font do hospitals use

What Font Do Hospitals Use?

When a hospital needs to communicate effectively, they often rely on a font family that’s easily readable and can be used for multiple forms of communication. In recent years, many hospitals have adopted humanist sans-serif fonts, such as “Helvetica Neue” or “Arial” typefaces, as their primary typeface for patient care related documents.

Where to Download

Many hospitals have adopted the Helvetica Neue typeface for use on medical forms and labels, and it can be purchased through an online type foundry or local printing supply store. Arial is another popular font family that many hospitals use, and it can be accessed on most computers or downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

How It Works

The key to using a font in a hospital setting is to make sure that the typeface is easy to read and consistent across all of the institution’s materials. For complex information needs, a font can be used in combination with other visual design elements, such as bolding, italicization, or other typographic treatments.

When using a font in a hospital setting, it’s important to ensure that there is a clear hierarchy of type sizes and styles. Most fonts will come in a range of sizes that can be used to emphasize different points, and the font should be used in such a way that it’s easy to distinguish different pieces of information. It’s also important to consider the legibility of the font, and to make sure that the font isn’t too small or too complex for people to read accurately.

Using simple fonts like Arial and Helvetica Neue also makes it easier for physicians to review and interpret medical documents, providing them with a clear and accurate representation of patient data. In addition, standardizing on a font makes it easier for a hospital to develop a consistent visual identity across all of its materials.

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