what font does cashapp use

what font does cashapp use

What font does Cashapp use?

Cashapp, a financial technology-based mobile app, uses San Francisco font as its logo and branding font. This typeface is a system typeface for Apple products, and it is available for free with macOS for both desktop and mobile devices.

Where can you download Cashapp San Francisco font?

The San Francisco typeface is available for download through the macOS App Store. It comes standard with macOS and iOS, but the latest version can be downloaded from the App Store. For downloading, open the App Store, type “San Francisco”, and select the most suitable font family.

How to use Cashapp font?

Using the San Francisco font with Cashapp is easy. To apply it to your branding and materials, ensure that the style you need is downloaded from the App Store. You can then apply the font to any text-based content you’d like.

Moon Script, A Free Alternative to Cashapp San Francisco Font

If you’re looking for an inexpensive or free alternative to Cashapp’s San Francisco font, Moon Script is a great choice. This typeface is a unique, hand-drawn font and is available for free on Dafont.com. To download, visit Dafont.com, search for “Moon Script”, and click the “Download” button.

To use the Moon Script font, install the downloaded file on your computer. After installation, it can be used in any design program, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign.


Cashapp uses the San Francisco typeface as its logo and branding font. This can be downloaded for free using the App Store. An alternative to the San Francisco font is Moon Script, a free, hand-drawn font on Dafont.com. With a few simple steps, the fonts can be downloaded and installed for use in design programs and branding content.

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