what font does costco use

what font does costco use

Costco Font

Costco is the world’s fifth-largest retailer, and its brand identity is marked by its unique fonts. The font used by Costco is a combination of two fonts, the typeface ‘Arial’ and the ‘Costco Script Logo’ font.

Where to Download

The Costco Arial font is available for free download on the Costco website. This font family, which includes a variety of weights (regular, bold, light and heavy) as well as italics, can be used to create text that looks and feels like typical Costco branding. The font is available for download in TrueType, OpenType, PostScript, and Web Fonts formats.

The Costco Script Logo font, which is the font used for the Costco logo, is only available for licensed users. Those wanting to use the logo font must contact the Costco brand team directly to obtain permission.

How it Works

The Costco font family is used in all Costco communications, both digital and print. This includes official Instagram posts, website content, signage, and in-store graphics.

The fonts are used to craft a unmistakable and consistent brand image, while still allowing some personal expression in communications. For example, the Arial font can be used in various font weights to make a bold statement, or in italics for a softer approach.

The font usage guidelines are to be followed when incorporating these fonts into any Costco communications. Not only are the fonts to be used in the correct fonts and sizes, but the logos are not to be modified in any way.


Costco’s consistent use of its own fonts helps it to create a recognizable and unified brand identity. The combination of Arial and the Costco Script Logo font enables Costco to express both boldness and subtlety in its communications. To use the Costco font properly, one must either download the Arial font, or contact the Costco brand team to obtain permission to use the Script Logo font.

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