what font does offwhite use

what font does offwhite use

What Font Does OffWhite Use?

OffWhite is an iconic streetwear brand founded by Virgil Abloh in 2013. Its recognizable and stylish logo font is integral part of its identity and overall branding, but what font does OffWhite use?

Font Name and Usage

The font used by OffWhite is simply called, “OffWhite” and is used for all of the brand’s logo and logo variations. It has been adopted by all the official OffWhite designs, products, and creatives.

Downloading the Font

The entire font family is available to download for free here: https://www.off-white.com/en/IT/typography.

How it works

The OffWhite font family consists of 7 weights, from light to bold. Each weight includes italics, regular, medium and semi-bold variations, meaning if you choose to use the OffWhite font, you have a lot of room to customize it and make it your own.

It is best used for logo design, headlines, and other eye-catching text. The font is fully Unicode compliant and it also includes an extensive set of Glyphs for more advanced typographical control.

Overall, OffWhite font is a perfect choice for logos and any sort of text that needs to make a powerful statement.

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