what is spotifys font

what is spotifys font

What is Spotify’s font?

Spotify is a music, podcast and video streaming service that provides users with a huge catalog of content. Spotify’s unique, modern and dynamic brand identity is mostly powered by its bold, custom-designed typeface. The font is called Spotify Sans and is used in the logo, graphics and the Spotify app.

Where to Download the Font

Spotify Sans is available for free download on the Spotify Design website. To download the font, click ‘Download Fonts’ and select the ‘Spotify Sans Regular’ option under the ‘Typefaces’ tab. This will direct you to the font’s license page. Read through the license agreement and click ‘Accept and Download’. The font will then be downloaded as a zip file.

How it Works

Spotify Sans is a unique typeface that has been specifically designed for the Spotify brand. It was created with sharp edges and a futuristic aesthetic to convey the strength and size of the company. As it is a custom typeface, it is not available in any font library, making it exclusive and unique.


  • Modern and Unique Design: Spotify Sans has been created to be an iconic, recognizable and unique typeface
  • Intuitive and Functional: It has been designed to look great on all screen sizes and resolutions, both small and big
  • Dynamic and Bold:The font emphasizes the power and strength of Spotify, while still making it easy to read and use
  • Free Download: Spotify Sans is free to download and use, no matter where you are in the world.

Spotify Sans is the perfect typeface to capture the spirit and attitude of the company. By downloading and using the font, any user can express the energy and excitement of Spotify in their own graphics and projects.

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