what is the rae dunn font called on cricut

what is the rae dunn font called on cricut

What is the Rae Dunn Font Called on Cricut?

The Rae Dunn font is a popular font used for crafting projects and is commonly seen on Cricut cutting machines. The font is based on the handwriting style of artist Rae Dunn and is an all-caps font with a bold and contemporary feel.

Where to Download

The Rae Dunn font can be downloaded from various font websites. It can be found as either an OTF (OpenType Font) or TTF (TrueType Font). When downloading the font, make sure to check the licensing agreement, as Rae Dunn was granted copyright protection for the font.

How It Works

Once the font is downloaded, it can be used to create any text for crafting projects. Here are some ways to use the font:

  • Cutting Machine Projects: Upload the font to your cutting machine’s software and create projects such as cards, signs and wall décor.
  • Design Work: Use the font to create logos, invitations and other design elements.
  • DIY Projects: Use the font on paper crafts and home decor projects.

The Rae Dunn font is versatile and can be used on a variety of crafting and design projects.

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